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Why we love ancient archery

The oldest arrowheads found so far were found in Africa, dated to be from around 25,000 years ago. As others saw the effectiveness of the bow, they began to use it, and archery soon spread to every major civilization. Many cave drawings have been discovered showing archery as one of the most primitive hunting forms since the known beginning of mankind. 







It wasn’t long before wars were being fought with bow and arrow until the invention of the canon did it start to wane some. Egyptians, Japanese and Native Americans were all very trained in Archery for battle and hunting. Bows & Arrows Ancient in Ancient Egypt - 03

english bowmen


Native American archer on horseback


There is even a mythological goddess of hunting named Diana. She was depicted as wearing a short tunic and hunting boots. She is often portrayed holding a bow, and carrying a quiver on her shoulder, accompanied by a deer or hunting dogs. 



Now this is getting to meat and potatoes of why we love ancient archery so much. There are several techniques for ancient archery that made it so useful for battle.  To us, just shooting at targets all day and only working on hitting the center of a bullseye can get mundane. If you are hunting food I can see where that would be quite useful, but in battle the training needs to be more dynamic and realistic. Here are the techniques practiced:

Ancient Archery Techniques

Instinctive shooting- The archer doesn’t need a sight or anchor point. They can instantly and instinctively shoot arrows by gauging the distance and pulling back anyway they see fit. One of the most basic skills ancient archers used.

Rapid fire shooting- many old books (“Saracan archery”, and “Arab Archery, an Arabic Manuscript of about 1500 A.D A book on the Excellence of the bow and arrow and the description thereof.”) talk of a technique where archers hold arrows in their hands and are able to shoot 3 arrows in less than 1.5 seconds. This is because while archers with arrows in their quivers need a minimum of 3 movements to shoot an arrow, archers using this ancient technique can shoot in one motion. It is written in the “Letters and notes on the manners, customs, and conditions of north American Indians” by George Catlin that an Indian chief “was able to shoot 10 arrows into the air before the first one hit the ground.” Rapid fire shooting was used by many ancient civilizations, although the method for holding arrows in the hand varied.

Chariot archery- archers could stand on a chariot often driven by someone else

  • Components- driver, archer, + sometimes a shield bearer.
  • Frontal charge- Chariots acquire some speed, and ram into the front line of the enemy army. The frontal charge was probably used as last resort and almost never used at the beginning of a battle, as the charge left the weak point of the chariots (the back) mostly unprotected.
  • Parthian Shot- In this attack, the chariots would approach the enemy lines shooting, and then making a U-turn, while still shooting, back to their own lines. While the chariot returns to the original positions, the archers would stand facing away from the driver and continue shooting at the enemy. The tactic was made to entice the other soldiers to break lines to chase the chariots, and served as a good way to harass the enemy before the main shock of the infantry attack. However, in order to protect the archers from enemy archers while they faced out the back of the chariot, they would need a form of protection, such as a small shield.

Mounted Archery- Mounted archery was the technique of shooting from a horse, greatly increasing the mobility and use of archers, for quick, confusing attacks. The archers of the Huns were well-known for their prowess in shooting accurately from horseback. Chinese archers also used this technique after the warring states period, replacing chariot archery.

We use all of them. As you may have seen in our pics and videos we are running, jumping, kneeling, spinning, and even shooting from the back of moving vehicles. In our off time from doing that we are working on our speed and accuracy. We are practicing rapid fire shooting and holding 3 arrows at a time, hardly ever using a quiver.

Hey don’t “nock” it till you try it. Cheesy pun I know, but who could resist.

Happy shooting!

Written by Colleen Wallace



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Planning a beach trip? Snorkel with the best snorkel set available!

We just added the new Darkfin Killer Combo


This is everything you need in a snorkel set for the ultimate snorkeling experience! Talk about an awesome gift for a loved one! This snorkel set is packed to gills with snorkeling goodies! A deluxe gear bag with logo, snorkel, mask, Darkfin gloves, Bootees and more!

Includes: 1 deluxe snorkel/fin bag with Darkfin logo 1 set of fins choose from 3 colors: Black ,Blue, Yellow 1 mask/snorkel combo choose from 3 colors: Red, Yellow, Black 1 pair of Darkfin Gloves available in 11 sizes 1 pair of Darkfin Split Toe Bootees 1 8 oz bottle of silicone spray Optional add on- 1 Darkfin Tee


2Y9C0015 (r)


Check it out HERE

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Snorkel gear and sets added to the Darkfin product line

Make it a quick and easy one stop shop for your snorkeling needs. You can shop for snorkel sets all day long on the internet and you won’t find any others that have Darkfin Gloves and Bootes with them! Our products go with snorkeling like peas and carrots, so it only made sense to put a snorkel set together! We have many different options and also sell items piece by piece. You will find our sets very competitively priced compared to some of the big snorkeling websites.

Enhance your aquatic experience today with Darkfin snorkeling sets!

Darkfin Snorkel Set


Darkfin Split-Toe Bootee and Fin set


Coming soon The Darkfin Killer Combo which includes:

One pair of Darkfin gloves

One pair of Split-Toe Bootees

One set of fins in 3 different color choices: Black, Yellow, Blue

One set of snorkel/mask combo in 3 color choices: Black, Red, Yellow

One deluxe snorkel bag with custom Darkfin logo

One bottle of silicone lubricant spray

One Darkfin decal

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Kicking off Memorial Weekend with sales and a giveaway

Memorial day 2015

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New Dark Archer video shooting from a moving truck!

We had so much fun doing this video I mean who doesn’t think shooting a bow and arrow from a moving truck doesn’t sound fun? The only thing I can think of that would be any funner would be hunting on a horse! We might do that one next!

Here is my disclaimer for any other idiots that want to try this: DON’T!

Tactical archery can be dangerous so if you do it, don’t be an idiot, be careful!


Here is the link to it on youtube.

Tactical archery truck shoot


truck shoot dadtruck shoot metruck shoot chris

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Darkfin gloves video review of how to get fit in the water using webbed gloves!

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Best fan made video of Darkfin Gloves Ever! It will crack you up!

This guy in Europe ordered a pair of gloves off distributor website and they were holding video contests. This was his submission and only through google alerts did we become aware of it. It’s short, but it’s hilarious.  Click the link below to see it on youtube.

Darkfin Gloves Adventure

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Dark Archer..the new tactical archery glove

We recently launched our new glove and one of the only archery gloves of it’s kind, the first real tactical archery glove. First, you might want to know more about tactical archery. Visit our blog here to join the discussion and learn more about tactical archery.


The new Dark Archer glove is awesome for tactical archery because of the following:

1. It’s not bulky, won’t wrinkle up, won’t lose it’s shape.

2. Extremely lightweight and flexible.

3. Durable natural latex rubber

4. Won’t absorb moisture when wet so it doesn’t get heavy

5. The best grip of any glove on the planet!

6. Comfortable enough to wear for extended use.

You can see more of the features of the glove on our website at http://

Medieval as Hell


Also check out our youtube video at

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Darkfin and The Lunocet..The ULTIMATE Aquatic experience!

When Ted Ciamillo designer of The Lunocet approached us with his revolutionary product and pitched how Darkfin Gloves and Bootees would go together with The Lunocet like bread and butter, we had to agree.  It’s something you have to see to believe, 10 years of research and development and the final product is the top of line leader for monofins. Rather than risk redundancy in explaining it when you can go the website to learn more, I will just show you what it is..

Did your mind just get blown? Now picture that with this:

Did your mind just get doubly blown?

According to Ted, who extensively tested our Darkfin Bootees and Darkfin webbed power gloves with The Lunocet, he came to the conclusion that our products aren’t just a neat little add on, but perhaps essential in the ultimate Hydrotouring experience. What is hydrotouring you ask? It’s like bike touring.. underwater! Using just standard fins and nothing on your hands, how much of the seascape can one possibly explore?  Our Darkfin Bootees actually maximized The Lunocet’s speed and function because of the grip maintained inside the cycling shoes. Imagine that with 70% more paddle power on your hands and you can torpedo through water like a dolphin!  We will be testing The Lunocet soon and will provide our own personal review but based on the reviews of those who have tested it, I am convinced this will create some major water junkies.  In the meantime, go their website and sign up to enter a contest to win a Lunocet, a pair of Darkfin gloves AND bootees and ALSO a gopro hero3!  Also, the Lunocet is offered at limited time introductory special rate, so check it out before it expires!

Visit to enter and learn more!



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