Snorkel gear and sets added to the Darkfin product line

Make it a quick and easy one stop shop for your snorkeling needs. You can shop for snorkel sets all day long on the internet and you won’t find any others that have Darkfin Gloves and Bootes with them! Our products go with snorkeling like peas and carrots, so it only made sense to put a snorkel set together! We have many different options and also sell items piece by piece. You will find our sets very competitively priced compared to some of the big snorkeling websites.

Enhance your aquatic experience today with Darkfin snorkeling sets!

Darkfin Snorkel Set


Darkfin Split-Toe Bootee and Fin set


Coming soon The Darkfin Killer Combo which includes:

One pair of Darkfin gloves

One pair of Split-Toe Bootees

One set of fins in 3 different color choices: Black, Yellow, Blue

One set of snorkel/mask combo in 3 color choices: Black, Red, Yellow

One deluxe snorkel bag with custom Darkfin logo

One bottle of silicone lubricant spray

One Darkfin decal

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Kicking off Memorial Weekend with sales and a giveaway

Memorial day 2015

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New Dark Archer video shooting from a moving truck!

We had so much fun doing this video I mean who doesn’t think shooting a bow and arrow from a moving truck doesn’t sound fun? The only thing I can think of that would be any funner would be hunting on a horse! We might do that one next!

Here is my disclaimer for any other idiots that want to try this: DON’T!

Tactical archery can be dangerous so if you do it, don’t be an idiot, be careful!


Here is the link to it on youtube.

Tactical archery truck shoot


truck shoot dadtruck shoot metruck shoot chris

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Darkfin gloves video review of how to get fit in the water using webbed gloves!

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Best fan made video of Darkfin Gloves Ever! It will crack you up!

This guy in Europe ordered a pair of gloves off distributor website and they were holding video contests. This was his submission and only through google alerts did we become aware of it. It’s short, but it’s hilarious.  Click the link below to see it on youtube.

Darkfin Gloves Adventure

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Dark Archer..the new tactical archery glove

We recently launched our new glove and one of the only archery gloves of it’s kind, the first real tactical archery glove. First, you might want to know more about tactical archery. Visit our blog here to join the discussion and learn more about tactical archery.


The new Dark Archer glove is awesome for tactical archery because of the following:

1. It’s not bulky, won’t wrinkle up, won’t lose it’s shape.

2. Extremely lightweight and flexible.

3. Durable natural latex rubber

4. Won’t absorb moisture when wet so it doesn’t get heavy

5. The best grip of any glove on the planet!

6. Comfortable enough to wear for extended use.

You can see more of the features of the glove on our website at http://

Medieval as Hell


Also check out our youtube video at

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Darkfin and The Lunocet..The ULTIMATE Aquatic experience!

When Ted Ciamillo designer of The Lunocet approached us with his revolutionary product and pitched how Darkfin Gloves and Bootees would go together with The Lunocet like bread and butter, we had to agree.  It’s something you have to see to believe, 10 years of research and development and the final product is the top of line leader for monofins. Rather than risk redundancy in explaining it when you can go the website to learn more, I will just show you what it is..

Did your mind just get blown? Now picture that with this:

Did your mind just get doubly blown?

According to Ted, who extensively tested our Darkfin Bootees and Darkfin webbed power gloves with The Lunocet, he came to the conclusion that our products aren’t just a neat little add on, but perhaps essential in the ultimate Hydrotouring experience. What is hydrotouring you ask? It’s like bike touring.. underwater! Using just standard fins and nothing on your hands, how much of the seascape can one possibly explore?  Our Darkfin Bootees actually maximized The Lunocet’s speed and function because of the grip maintained inside the cycling shoes. Imagine that with 70% more paddle power on your hands and you can torpedo through water like a dolphin!  We will be testing The Lunocet soon and will provide our own personal review but based on the reviews of those who have tested it, I am convinced this will create some major water junkies.  In the meantime, go their website and sign up to enter a contest to win a Lunocet, a pair of Darkfin gloves AND bootees and ALSO a gopro hero3!  Also, the Lunocet is offered at limited time introductory special rate, so check it out before it expires!

Visit to enter and learn more!



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Riverboarding and Darkfin Gloves

I will be honest I had never heard of a sport called Riverboarding until a guy named Josh Galt who is a pioneer of the sport contacted us after using our gloves and said he loved his gloves and they were awesome for the sport. After a year of him wearing them other Riverboarders are seeing the gloves and contacting us. Josh has sent us video and pictures of him  doing crazy things like going down 15M waterfall in South America and going through a snow cave in Japan. Recently he sent us video of him going down the Green River Narrows in Asheville, NC.. the first Riverboarder ever to do so!

First Ever River Boarder Drops Gorilla on Green River Narrows

Riverboarder Josh Galt runs Gorilla on the Green

Josh is the founder of Face Level Industries and gave away Darkfins and Thermalfins as prizes at the annual Tuck Fest at US National White Water Center in NC April 20th. We are just stoked to be hooked up with someone like Josh, he is a real amazing guy!  If you are interested in learning more about Riverboarding or teaming up with Josh and others go to their website


Blog Maintained by Colleen Wallace Black Lagoon Products



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Peter Mel, Mavericks and Darkfin

We were stoked when a customer posted to our Facebook timeline a video link of Peter Mel wearing our Darkfin Gloves and Bootees in coverage of his big win at Mavericks Invitational 2012-2013. Here are a few video links on YouTube.  Below that are a few screen shots of him I pulled off the video.

Peter Mel Wins Mavericks

From Peter Mels youtube channel

Wearing Darkfin at Mavericks Invitational and WON!


Darkfin Fist Bump

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Several new awesome products introduced in 2012

2012 was an exciting year for us, our sales almost doubled from the previous year and mostly in part to several key products we introduced throughout 2012. Most of the products were born not from our own imaginations or ideals but those of our customers. It is very exciting to have such loyal fans of the Darkfin Gloves that they are bringing to us ideas of other products they would like to see made. Here is a running of what we introduced in 2012:

The Tan Skinfin Gloves and Bootees:  Same great glove as Darkfin, just a different color!

Skinfin Bootees


Tan Skinfin Gloves


Perhaps more popular than and often more requested was a cold water glove: We worked over a year to come up with a unique rubber dipping process that would provide more layers, yet not compromise the comfort and dexterity too much. Thus came the new Thermalfin Glove.

Thermalfin concept

With the introduction of Thermalfin, the process we came up with spawned a whole new line of Heavy Duty products that are versions of the original products already introduced the past.  With that comes our Heavy Duty Black O.P.S (Omni-Pupose-Sport) Glove. The uses for this glove are so universal, but great for anyone who does work or hobbies that require their hands to be wet or cold for periods of time and where dexterity and grip are a must. Fishermen, mechanics, windsurfers, gardners to name a few are the kind of people the Black O.P.S and Black O.P.S HD are made for.

Black O.P.S HD and HD Fingerless version


For those that haven’t seen all of our products we also offer several apparel options such as our hoodies and rashguards.


Darkfin Hoodie

Darkfin Rashies

This year we already introduced one more product and are working on many more.  This is a simple silicone spray to use in easing the gloves on better, but also helps to condition the skin, prevent chaffing, and help provide protection to the gloves and bootees keeping them in better shape longer.

Darkfin Silicone Spray

To keep up with our latest products check our website ofter and subscribe to our mailing list. Or you can like us on or follow us at You can also find us at


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